Crank bearing on a '71 Monte Carlo


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Crank bearing on a '71 Monte Carlo

There is a 1971 Monte Carlo in my local paper for sale for $1000. I called the guy last night to see what was wrong with it and he said his transmission lines were loose so he took it to a shop and after the mechanic tightened them up, the mechanic took it for a test drive and according to the guy selling the car, the mechanin hot roded it too much and he spun a bearing on the crankshaft. He said that he would take less than $1000 for it, he says that it is real nice and ready to race. When I told my auto tech. teacher about it he said, that for $1000 I should tell him to take his car and stick up his @$$. He says that if a main bearing on the crankshaft has been spun, then the whole engine has been burned up. The guy selling the car says that I just need to replace the bearing. I was just wondering if it is possible to just replace the bearing, or is the engine shot in it? It is a 350.
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Stick with your instructor's advice. He is on the money and knows the pitfalls of cheap projects like that . It won't be on the road anytime soon and that's why this guy is dumping it.

The engine and crank can probably be saved, but it's a labor intensive job and the vehicle is not worth 1000 bucks unless the rest of the car is in good shape or rust free. In such case it might be worth it as a parts car.

Very rarely can you just slap it together like that. At minimum the crank is probably in need of service.

I agree with your instructor. Now if the rest of the car is good and you want to learn from it, go for it, but get it cheaper and use that as a basis to make it nice again. Consult with your instructor, he/she seems to give solid advice.

Good luck.
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I agree with what Joe says except for one thing. 71 Monte Carlo's are becoming very hard to find in good condition. Their value is really starting to climb. If the body and paint are good condition (no rust, bondo, ect) and the rest of the drivetrain is good shape I think it would be worth a $1000. Even if the motor is totaly hooped, drop a Goodwrench crate motor in it and your good to go. If I were you I'd check out what 70-72 Monte Carlo's are going for on e-bay and use your judgement from there.
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I agree too, but bare in mind the car is worth zip without the original numbers matching block (Depending on what you want to do).

Again, if using it for a learning tool for the long haul, go with it. Buy your teacher lunch and have him go with you. I'm sure he'll comply.
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When a crank main bearing spins, it usually wipes the block. You have to get it line bored to correct it, if it can be corrected. The engine probably isn't worth fixing, but you never know. I do agree about the scarcity of old monte-carlos. It might be worth it depending on the body and frame. Matching #s are nice, and the only way to go for a collector, but a car with mixed #s can still look as good as one with matching #s....just not worth as much as a true "classic".
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71 carlo

I do concur with the wiped out engine but a 71 carlo is a nice piece of iron.It would be nice to have matching numbers but if the body is in good shape drop a new short block in it it is a nice ride.
I would offer the guy 800 and see what happens.
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All very true. Depends on what you want to do to it.

I only buy numbers matching vehicles for collectability, but that's me .
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Matching #'s only mean something on very rare cars or late seventies 4spd trans ams! Seriously, if you really like the early carlos and the body is good--make him an offer--if your just looking for a car to drive stay away! Look at what is out there the sixty's muscle cars are so inflated the average guy can't afford a matching #'s car--and if your are going to drive it--don't really want a matching #' car! Nicely restored non matching muscle cars are still demanding high prices, with minimal investment, and are very fun to own. I am currently in process of buying a very solid '67 firebird original 326 2spd car--not a rare item but very affordable. Am I going to rebuild the car with the original power plant combo? No way, but I am going to keep it all pontiac--that's what the 500hp 455 is for! and the revamped 200r4 tranny! I will be able to sell this car as a non-original street rod for well over what I will have in it! But much cheaper than an original "matching #'s" 400 car!
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Lol. Atta boy Redneck.

But the 2004R was not used in any Pontiac powered product . So you're adding blasphemy to the mix here. Lol

Again, depends on what your goal is. Numbers matching to me means matched parts. Things that belong, things meant to work together

Anything under a 1000 for a clean body is probably a good home run.
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Actually, I never thought of that Joe. The 200r4 comes with the car and is built to take 500plus horsepower. But the more I think about it I do have a muncie in the garage!! Would take more work to convert an auto car to manual, but I am not in a hurry. By the way I went to look at the car and it is cherry, the guy had the body totally redone professionally, suspension total redone and the engine was still in the machine shop plastic bag! The interior needs finished and the motor/trans installed. He said he had over 10k in the car and it is very believable! He is at $4500 firm!
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Sounds nice. Good luck! Keep the original engine if you have it, so it can be returned to stock. It will keep its value up when and if you do sell it .

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