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GM Alarm

Why does Chevy refuse to put a ignition kill/fuel pumpp kill on their dealer installed alarms. I can't seem to get a straight answer out of the dealer. (they gave me some BS about a factory key recognition thing) But I know other GM owners who have the same setup as me. If the alarm is armed and the door is open you can start the car and actually drive. The alarm doesn't go off until the car is actually started. This is rather useless if you ask me, because the car never shuts off. My Explorer which had a dealer alarm had an ignition cut off. So does my mothers Toyota. I'm just curious if anyone has the answer to why they use this setup. What good is an alarm without an igntion kill if all it does is lock the doors. Thanx.

2001 Chevy Blazer LS 2dr.
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Most GM's with alarms have the VATS (Vehicle AntiTheft System) system (the key system you make reference to in your post). If your key has a pellet in it, you already have an ignition cut off...the VATS will not allow the power to get to the starter because the key has to be of the resistance value to complete the fact they often get dirty and pesky and cause people to get stuck.

That being said, it is probably why there is not an ignition cutoff. It's a duplicate function in an alarm and not needed.

Now if your vehicle does NOT have VATS, then yes, an ignition cutoff is a good idea.
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Which would constitute some sort of ignition kill/cutoff/disable feature .

Hence, a GM alarm wouldn't duplicate that function .

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