park brake light stays on


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park brake light stays on

i have a 1989 s10 Blazer 4.3 liter.
brake light in dash stays on.
I Have replaced brakesshoes,fluid,pads ?
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Make sure the wire to the sensor for the light is plugged in.

Is the brake fluid full in the master cylinder? Is the parking brake on?

Probably still hydraulic failure/leaking issues.
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On some cars, the "brake" light is activated by BOTH a switch indicating the parking brake is applied, AND by a switch in the brake fluid reservoir, indicating that the brake fluid level is low. Check your brake fluid level.

If the reservoir is full, check to see if there is a float in there for the brake fluid level switch and see if it is stuck. Often they have a float with a magnet in it, and a magnetic switch. Though unusual, the float can sometimes stick, and not float up to the level of the fluid.
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You may also want to check the spring at tha park brake release.
Try pulling up on the park brake and see if light goes out.
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You might also want to check the combination valve. They're known leakers on these trucks & if they leak they can cause the valve to turn the brake warning light on.

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