noise in Subaru


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noise in Subaru

Hi, Joe--
I have an '86 Subaru GL Wagon that has recently started making
a humming, growling sound--seems to be coming from the front
left wheel and you have to hit 30mph before it starts. If you
hit a curve going down a hill it temporarily stops (when you turn right). If you turn off the engine, put it in neutral and coast, the noise continues. I figured
it was a wheel bearing but the guys at the garage put it on the rack, ran it
up to about 50mph, and couldn't hear any noise, even with a stethoscope. They suspected it might be the transmission.

My question is: could this be a situation where there has to be a load
on the bearing for it to make noise? Front axles were recently replaced
so I don't think that's it. Or could it be something wrong with the
transmission? Car has 184,000 miles on it and I've had it regularly serviced
(including changing the transmission fluid).

Thanks much,
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Sure sounds plausible and sounds like a bearing to me .

Tell them to test drive it on the road and see what happens.

For a giggle, swap the front and rear tires. If there is improvement, it's a tire/wheel issue. Rule that out first.
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Hi, Joe--
Thanks for the feedback--it was indeed the bearing.

Now I'm looking at buying a '93 Subaru Legacy L
wagon. My question is: does this model require a
new timing belt every 60,000 miles? The present
owner doesn't know anything about this and it's
got 95,000 miles on it and never had this done.

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Every vehicle should have timing belt replaced at around 60,000.
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You might choose to go to Gates Rubber (they make V belts for most cars and other applications) and have a look at their timing replacement guide.

Some cars have "interference" engines. This means engine damage sometimes (the valves and pistons colliding....not a good thing) when the belt breaks. You don't want that. Lol.

These vehicles have 60k timing belt change intervals. Other engines do not have this quandary. In this sense, breaking of th belt doesn't cause engine damage (usually) but still leaves you stranded.

At the same time the belt is done, it is prudent to do the water pump to avoid double labor.

That being said, see what the old folks at Gates have to say. Good luck.

A real Subaru-phile aren't ya? Lol .
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Thanks, Joe & Bill--

Yes, I like Subarus. It just now needs its first brake
job at 185,000 miles. It's been a very dependable

==Saint Chuck
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It's not from you sticking your feet out through the rust holes to stop, is it Chuck ?


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