to much gas


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to much gas

ok i can't start my car anymore carb. fills up with gas and floods it self. It is a oldsmobile 1983 delta89
well i was driving back from the states i had driven for 3 hours i stop to get some gas then it all started i had trouble starting it then but i got it going just put a pen in the butter fly. but used alot of gas in one hour almost the same amont i used in the 3 hours of driven. then when i got into the city and came to some interstetions,stop i had to put my foot almost all the way to the floor and it was moving very slowly and stald afew times. And there is a hole in one of the muffers now it is loud well not right now i can't start it lol. but can this have something to with my problem. help before i start takeing things apart
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Sounds like it's in need of major TLC.

1) Fix the exhaust leak. That will cause high fuel consumption.
2) Give it a full tuneup with all filters, cap, rotor, wires, plugs and all fluids. Sounds like it has not seen service in years.
3) Scan the computer for trouble codes. Check the links in my signature file for some ideas and procedures.
4) That being said, sounds like a stuck float or other carburetor woes. A rebuild is likely in your future.

Start there and let us know what you find.

BTW: There is no Delta 89. It's either a Delta 88 or an Oldsmobile 98/98 Regency .

Also the engine size of the vehicle would be a help.
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Sounds more like either a bad or misadjusted choke pull off.

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