water pump


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water pump

Working on a 91 dodge daytona 3.0 liter. Thought head gasket was blown. After i removed heads i am suspecting the water pump is there any way of testing the water pump???
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there are a few easy ways.First see if there is a wobble(wiggle the pulley)if there is bearings may be shot.
2nd check to see if pump turns freely(if not the bearings may be shot)
3rd pull the pump off and check that the blades turn with the shaft.
If all 3 are good than pump may be in good shape.
If you question it however it may be best to replace while you have everything apart.
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Don't test it, pitch it while you have it apart.

You have a 11 year old car with umpteen miles on it. A water pump is probably 50 bucks for this car (at most). Cheap insurance now that you have gone this far.

Also get the radiator boiled out as well. Chryslers of this vintage have problems with clogging radiators.
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dont forget timing belt

I also need to say while it is apart replace the timing belt.
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Definitely. A good suggestion and I agree.
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water pump

Thanx guys i'm now waiting for parts!! I have head gasket set and timing belt new plugs and wires. The heads are at a machine shop being checked and reworked. Had to order water pump and head bolts. They should be here tomorrow morning. That gives me today to get everything cleaned up and ready to go back together and the whole top end will be pretty much rebuilt!!
The water pump was only 28 bucks the head bolts about 50. I decided like you said i've come this far why put an old water pump and timing belt on a "new" motor!! If you have any more suggestions while i have it apart please post i'll be checking back from time to time today. THANX again to all!!!!
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Good to hear. Let us know how you make out with all the repairs.
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While you have it apart check the pipe that runs between the water pump and the radiator hose.I runs above the block but below the intake manifold and they rot out.

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