engine oil


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engine oil

My car is Dodge Dynasty, 91, 2.5 lit 4 cyl

I just realized that I have used 10W 40 engine oil in my car. I intended to use 10W30. Is there any big difference between 10W30 and 10W40? Will my car be ok? or I should change the oil again?


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It's only a slightly thicker oil and may not be a problem.
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I agree with Bill. It's ok this time around, but go with the recommended grade for the next change.
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10w40 vs 10w30

10w40 is thicker (higher viscosity) than 10w30. A higher viscosity oil has greater film strength (what is called "boundry lubrication), therefore, it will prevent wear better. But it also creates greater friction and therefore, lower gas mileage (that's why car manufacturers recommend lower vis. oil to meet CAFE rules). Heat thins out oil so I use 10w40 in the summer for better engine protection. Cold temp. thickens oil so I use 10w30 or 5w20 in the winter for easier starting.
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Thicker oil is also good for older cars which might normally leak or burn thinner oil.

Since my 84 Olds is older now, I run 10W40 in it year round. It doesn't really use any better changes. A few spots of speepage here and there, but nothing to write home about.

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