Chrysler 3.0 V6 water pump noise..

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Chrysler 3.0 V6 water pump noise..

I have a OHC 3.0 V6. I have changed the rocker assemblies and still can't get this noise to go away. Hard to describe the noise. Sounds like it is coming from the middle of the motor. It has very good oil press. and runs very strong. Is there a shaft that goes through the center of the motor that is connected to the water pump? Could it be the water pump? Thanks
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Yes, it could be the water pump. Unfortunately, it'll be difficult to pinpoint the water pump as the source of the noise since it is driven by the timing belt.

There isn't a shaft that runs through the middle of the engine, but there is a large coolant pipe that connects to the back of the water pump. You might be able to get a mechanic's stethoscope on it & listen for the noise.
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It's hard to say.It could be bad bearings in the pump.(But I can't hear it from
You'll need a stethoscope, or put your ear to a long handle screw driver and move the tip around the suspect area.
This will help you pinpoint where the noise is coming from.
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How many miles? What year? Depending on the age, the pump is probably wiped from wear.

Otherwise, these guys gave you good advice.
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Have you tried running the engine with the main serpentine belt off? Have you checked the flywheel and torque converter? Exhaust leaks? Sometimes a sound generating from one spot can sound as if it is coming from another. I don't know your mechanical expertise, so I thought I'd ask. If it's high mileage, like Joe said, It would be wise to replace timing belt and pump anyway.

The pump does have a large tube running through the center area of the engine, but I've never heard the tube rattle. It could the time I left the dodge dealership, the 3.0 engine was only a few years old, so I didn't get to see them age very much. Could be a bad bearing in the water pump or an impeller blade may have rusted enough for it to start scraping the housing in the water pump, like you are thinking. Hope you find it.
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Thanks for the replies. The car has 110,000 on it and ran VERY strong. It was just tapping. I just went ahead and pulled the heads and water pump and had them rebuilt and put a new pump on and belt. I'm almost done with it so cross your fingers and hope it isn't the main rod bearings.
Thanks guys
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Hello I have almost the same problem as you and im doing the same thing as you, I had to replace my water pump because it would leak and i replaced it and no leaks and when i was trying to put everything back I wasn't able to put the timing belt back in, its so hard to put it in place and tighten it, does anyone know what I need to do to put it back in place, heres my thread

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