92 Cougar PLEASE help

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Unhappy 92 Cougar PLEASE help

i have posted here before and i have gotten really good feedback from you guys so i decided to do it again. i recently bought a 92 cougar, and i really love the car. a few nights ago i was on the expressway, and a semi clipped my rear driver side and Tboned me until i lost control and spun out twice almost slamming headfirst into the divider. luckily and thank god none of us were hurt in the accident. my rear quarterpanel is pretty banged up, and so is my door. my passenger side is untouched and looks just fine. my question is, what parts from what years can i use to rebuild this car myself, how big of a pain it will be, and some clue as to how expensive it will be. im doing it myself because my insurance ran out THE DAY BEFORE i had my accident. it really sucks because i think it is a really beautiful car. any information would be GREATLY appreciated. thanks alot.

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First, glad you are ok. Cars are cheap, life is not.

It sounds pretty heavily damaged. The quarter likely has to be replaced.

When you say "your insurance ran out" was it that you dropped collision or comprehensive or that you didn't have the required liability? Most states require minimum liability....it's not legal nor prudent to drive without it.

Depending on the damage, both panels will have to be replaced. You'll need a welder to change the quarter, it's welded to the unibody structure on this car. The door bolts off. You can probably get both parts from a junkyard and do some of the work yourself and some at a body shop that is willing to work with you.

That being said, a body shop can do the paint work and if they are really good, they can blend the paint to match well with the original.

You can try www.junkyarddog.com for the parts (Put in a parts request) and maybe you'll get a decent deal on a door and quarter locally.

Again, you can do some work yourself and other work (frame alignment, which may have been altered in the accident...it likely was) should be handled by a competent shop.

Pick a shop that is willing to work with you if you decide to do some work yourself. Some shops want to handle it all or nothing.

Good luck.

The other alternative if it has heavy damage it to pitch it. A 1992 Cougar is nothing to write home about and a good clean one can be had for less headache and problems than fixing a heavily damaged one. All depends on what damage we are talking about. Might want to get some estimates from some body shops.
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thanks for that link it really helped me out. i found a place that will send me both parts, shipping included for $600. my next question is, if i get these parts, how big of a pain will it be to put them on ? the door im not so much worried about, its the quarterpanel. my father himself has been welding for 20 years, so the welding might not be a problem. am i going to need a haynes/chilton book for this job ? i dont want to go into it hands down not knowing what im doing, and i do have a friend who is a mechanic who said he will help me on the side and whatnot. how long do you think a job like this would take ? and what are the chances of me messing it up anymore than it already is ? sorry for all the questions but i really love this car and i dont want to get rid of it because one side is really bad. and what i meant about my insurance running out is that with my carrier, i have no grace period, and my dumba$$ didnt go up there and pay it. so i was driving with no insurance when i got in the wreck. i learned my lesson...it was a very expensive one at that. thanks,

CM Wendell
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You are in good hands. Yes, you will need to weld.

The best book to get would be the Ford service manual or something with dimensions in it for body tolerances, spot weld locations, etc. I suggest you pick up a Ford manual. Worth the money. Check my links for some ideas.

Take all the help you can get. Wait it out for a few days to give some yards a chance to reply to your inquiry. You'll likely get a few hits.

The "dog" (Junkyard dog) is very good. I use it all the time to get parts for projects at work (with Engineering).

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