Will a bad O2 Sensor cause the fuse to blow?


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Will a bad O2 Sensor cause the fuse to blow?

My 1996 4.3L Chevy Blazer keeps blowing the number 5 fuse that goes to the emissions. I am pretty sure the O2 Sensor is bad as I get surging, hesitation and skipping but wonder if the fuse blowing is really in the wiring and not the sensor. The fuse does not blow right away so it is probably not a direct short but seems to blow when I get on the gas hard.
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You'll need to scan for codes/check values before condemning it....

It helps to know the mileage of the unit in question.

Check my signature file. Start there and let us know what you find.
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Thanks Joe, I have had it scanned twice and everything came up fine. It has 61,000 miles.
When the problem first started it wouldn't start easily, sometimes taking 8-10 tries. The dealer ran a scan and determined it was the blown fuse, replaced it and it ran fine. He said he couldn't tell what caused the fuse to blow until something actually broke! After a few months the fuse blew again and now it blows all the time, but not immediately. I don't think a bad sensor would cause the fuse to blow so maybe I have a bad sensor and an electrical problem. But maybe the sensor is fine and it is because the fuse is blown that I get the hesitation, surging and skipping. What do you think?
Also, I am new to the site, how do I find your signature address?
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After every post I do a signature file comes up. Look at the links/suggestions/ideas there.

Something is causing the fuse to blow, but you knew that .

Start by checking www.alldata.com for known bulletins on this problem.

That being said, my signature file gives you a bit of reading to do
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