timing problem


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timing problem

having a problem setting the timing on my camaro. Have new crate engine in it and the car will not run with the timing set anywhere near the right setting. When set at less that 20 or 25 BTDC it has no power and over heats quickly. have had it as much as 50 degrees BTDC and it ran OK, until breaking a starter by trying to start backwards. Strangest part to me is that the closer I set it to 12 or even 8 degrees BTDC the more it heats up. I would think advancing the timing would cause it to heat more. The harmonic balance is off a 305, and I am running a 350. Are they different?
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Year? Original engine? Performance engine? (If a 305 can be considered a performance engine..lol) Mileage? Has the timing chain been changed?

That being said, if the car has computerized controls (1981 or newer in most cases) putzing with the timing is a collosal waste of time, gaining you nothing. The computer controls the timing.

The only time you need to reset the timing is to do base timing when you change the timing chain, etc. Do not putz with the timing on a computer controlled car. It usually does more harm than good.
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I can't answer your question about the harmonic balance, call your local parts store and they should be able to tell you.
About your timing, I assume you disconnected computer EST control prior to timing with the light. If not, unplug it, (should be close to your brake vacuum booster) time it to spec, and then re-connect EST. You'll need to clear your code in the computer when your done.

I've had people tell me that the GM 350 computer has trouble adjusting the timing if the #1 wire position on the distributor cap is not close to pointing towards the #1 cylinder. I'm not sure if this is true or not but you may want to give it a try.

Let me know what you find out.
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...also, I should have mentioned that you can't use the 305 timing chain cover on the 350. The timing marks are in a different location.
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Problem solved. I was using the wrong timing cover. Bought a crome after market and didn't know the marks was different.
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Ihad a similar problem.Mine was in a Blazer though,seems they put the mark on the cam gear in the wrong spot and my valve timing was off by 1 tooth.I found this after much searching and comparing a known good cam gear to the one on the truck.I would also check the crank gear who knows?It is also possible your balancer has spun making tdc null and void.you can check this by removing the timing cover aligning the gears and temporarily installing the timing cover.If your not on tdc she spun on you that will cause your timing readings.Good Luck.
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good thought davo. You can check for TDC much easier through #1 spark plug hole with a screwdriver. A balancer that has slipped MUST be replaced. It is dangerous, and can really tear up stuff under the hood.

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