door on a 92 cougar PLEASE HELP !!!!


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CM Wendell
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Question door on a 92 cougar PLEASE HELP !!!!

i posted a few days ago about a 92 cougar and i got some great feedback so i figured once again ill give it a whirl. i got alot of the dents popped out with a slide hammer, and i went out and got the door yesterday. i tried to put the door on today, and it will not shut no matter what i do. i have tried loosening it on the bottom and tightening the top and vice versa. i am officially stumped. it wont even close right. how do i line it up, or possibly move the hinges so that my door will shut ? any info would be GREATLY appreciated, considering once i get this door on the car, i can drive it once again. please help !

CM Wendell
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If you mean it will not latch shut, it might have a bent latch. Or it might be "sprung" closed. Does the latch itself look like it is in the closed position even though the door is open? Does the door bounce back at you when you try to shut it?

This happened to my sister's 1990 T-Bird when it was a year old!

I went to replace a taillight bulb, did so, closed the door and the door bounced back at me. After a half hour of futzing, I realized the latch was bent.

Two days of work to fix it! What a PITA! .

I also suggest you have a body shop examine the unibody for damage. It is likely your accident caused frame/unibody damage and this might be a cause of your trouble.

As I recall you had a pretty collosal accident with this vehicle. Everything has to be returned to spec with alignment or you'll be behind the 8 ball every time.

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