1995 Berreta is hard to start when it gets hot


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Question 1995 Berreta is hard to start when it gets hot

I have a 1995 Chevy Berreta Z26 w/ V6 auto. I have trouble starting it after I run it for awhile (1 hour or so). It starts fine in the morning it runs fine no problems at all . But when I get somewhere and turn it off it wont start. It turns over fine and it is getting a spark when i checked the spark plugs it turns over but wont start..sometimes it starts up but dies instantly. If it sits and cools down for about 2 hours it starts right back up like it never had a problem. Since it runs fine when it does start I was thinking it wasnt the fuel pump. I have talked to some mechanics and they say Control module or ignition module?? They also say it could be many other (probably costly) things. If anybody can help I really appreciate it. the only thing I have done since I have owned this car 5 months now is new spark plugs and wires.
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Start by checking the posts and links in my signature file, they should help out a bit.

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