misfire #2 cyl. 95 ford 3.0


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Unhappy misfire #2 cyl. 95 ford 3.0

I have a 95 ford ranger 3.0 v6 with 156000 miles. It started skipping. I had someone read the code with a scan tool. It set camshaft sensor and misfire on #2 cyl. I replaced camshaft sensor and synchronizer. That cleared the camshaft code but i still have misfire on #2 cyl. I have checked everything, plugs,plug wires, coil pack, fuel injectors,compression reads 165 on #1 and 180 to 190 on #2 thru #6. It will backfire under heavy load. Can I have good compression and still have valve or camshaft problems. PS. It doesnt use oil or smoke. Any suggestions before I start removing valve covers. I also have replaced oxy. sensors, egr valve and sensors, tps, ect sensor in the last few months.

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sounds like an ingition misfire i would check the plug and wire again on #2 cylinder especially look for any carbon tracks down the side of the plug and also inside the plug boot, is a darker colored line that is formed from spark leaking by. also check for any small holes in plug boot it only takes a pin size hole.
you can also use an ohmeter to check the plugwire for good continuity 10,000 ohms per foot of wire is acceptable any more the wire should be replaced.
i really doubt that you have a mechanical problem but it is possible and you can still have good compression readings.
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diconnect the exhaust aplugged cat converter can do that.
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The converter is not likely to be the problem .

It has to misfire a while to stuff it to that extent.

I agree with BeJay. The problem is elsewhere.

Does the vehicle have a MAF sensor? If it does, check that. It's the source of a lot of woes.
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You could have an intake lobe worn out on #2 cylinder. You will have to remove the valve cover to check this. Turn engine over by tapping on starter with out starting engine and see if valve opens as far as on other cylinders.
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I would start at #2 cyl.
You said wires, coil pack, and injector look good.
How were they tested,and what brought you to that conclusion?
As far as injector it can be slightly clogged but still pulse.

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