squeaky accord


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squeaky accord

I posted a question earlier today and I just want to thank you all for your rapid and HELPFUL response.

I have another problem. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I have a '94 Honda Accord Wagon. I recieved it free from family (price was right). This car is in need of TLC. Bfore me it saw some hard use. It has towed a small sailboat, had multiple users (including being shared by college students), had minimal basic maintenance, and done a bit of traveling. After I got it I had to have the transmission replaced with a rebuilt. It is my second car so it doesn't get so much use now.

Recently it has developed a loud squeak from the front end. This happens at low speeds (5-25 mph), when braking, and when the wheel is turned with the vehicle stationary. I believe it is coming from the passenger side.

I think it may be a bad bearing but before I start exploring too far I thought I'd check in here. Again, any help would be appreciated.
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A bad wheel/sealed bearing usually exhibits itself as a moan or humming sound which gets worse with speed.

If you have issues with it when turning, check to make sure the CV boots are not ripped. If they are, chances are the CV joints are wiped out.

That being said, how are the struts? How many times does the car rebound after you push up and down? If more than twice, the struts are wiped. Might also have a bad bushing on the sway bar/wishbone suspension as well.
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Iknow what this is most likely but wont say because Joe F will tell you Im wrong anyhow.
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If it's squeaking it sounds more like a bad sway bar bushing.
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Joe F won't tell you that you are wrong if you give a good idea, which you have done on other posts.

Davo: It helps to substantiate your posts rather that just blirt out what it might be. Enlighten the poster on the hows, the whys, and the whats of a problem.


"A bad wheel bearing is possible. Usually you'll hear a humming or groaning noise when it wears out. It might get louder with speed".

That being said, the poster has an idea how to better report back to us if we have matched a possible cause to his/her problems.

That being said, just telling them what it might be with a vague description will likely confuse them more.

Remember, most folks are not in the "trade" like we might be, hence they cannot relate as easily to how we think and our assumptions .

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