88 ranger is "dead" ...no lights, etc...


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Thumbs up 88 ranger is "dead" ...no lights, etc...

It just stalled out on monday, and is now 100% dead...the funny thing is, 12 volts is showing from the battery. I installed 4 new battery/starter cables (they were extremely corroded), and even put in a new starter (the auto parts guy tested it and it was bad).

The alternator is new last year, so that cant be the problem. Perhaps a celonoid or coil??? The battery is new as well.

The sympoms are: dead - no lights come on or anything and battery is new and fully charged. Thanks anybody...help!

ps- 88 ford ranger 4 cyl with deluxe rust package
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well this either has to be a cable problem either bad cable or loose cable, or you have installed all the fusible links on the starter solenoid on the starter side of the solenoid instead of on the battery side of the solenoid it would be a good idea to check the fusible links to make sure none of them is melted into.
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I had been going through everything I could think of with a multimeter, and also with the ingintion key turned back to the "accessory" position with the radio on to see if it will turn on if I move a wire, but no luck.

I had thought that I put the starter wires on backwards too, and tried it the other way...a huge spark was generated...oops!

The strange thing is, I started it up last time I used it before this happened, and as I began driving it stalled (it always does this if not warmed up) and after that it was dead.

This car puts the P in Piece of crap if you know what i mean, but hey, I have this dream of putting 200k miles on it. Thanks for the previous tips.
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bejay is on track. sounds like a bad are dirt connection. try leaving the ing. key on and turn radio on full blast. check sol. wiring for pro. hookup and than starte checking grounds for bad are dirty connection. pull and wiggle wiring. when you get to the bad connection you will hear the radio. good luck. dont give up. DAVE.
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Yup. Dirty or bad connection for sure. Likely a fusible link burned out and that's why you have everything gone
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