bad pinging


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bad pinging

did tune- up on sisters'76 nova. 250 cube electronic ign.

everything ok ,but pings bad up hills,no power. just low octane?

timing at 12btdc-fact specs... thanx guys.....
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Carbon buildup in the EGR, timing woes or poor quality fuel will cause it.

Try a higher quality fuel first. If that doesn't solve it, make sure you are setting the timing per mfgr's specs. Then check the EGR valve.
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When you adjusted the timing is the advance vacuum tube unhooked? It maybe you misadjusted the timing. The other technicians maybe able to help you, especially Joe Cool he is a GM guru. Good luck on the repairs. Keep me posted.

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thanx joe. i put high test in,jug of stp fuel treatment,dry gas.

checking egr sounds rite,cause it also hesitates. any idea where it is? clean it first rite???? i should get manual,huh?
you guys are great, thanx...........................bob

12btdc is manuf. specs.
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On the manifold usually...check your underhood emision diagram for some guidance. Should also have the timing PROCEDURE. You must follow it to the T as OM said.

Yes a manual is a good idea..
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It sounds like your timing is too far advanced. I believe you disconnect the vacuum line to the vacuum advance, plug it, then set timing. Check a manual to be sure. Go to for timing procedure.
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Or just look at the sticker under the hood . It's there too .
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thanx guys!!!! yes i did the procedure correctly, the label on
the car says 12 btdc,the autolibrary ref[thanx] states 6btdc.
i guess i'll try 6. thanx again,guess ill get it sooner or later!

still learning,bob
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Let us know what you find......

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