Front dif problems


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Front dif problems


I have an 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee Orvis edition with full time 4 wheel drive. I have been having problems with my front differential ever since I've owned it.
Last spring after a muddy offroad adventure, on my way home, the front dif started howling. Upon getting home and inspecting the dif, I noticed that the spider gears were chipped. So I brought it to a transmission specialist place because they are supposed to be good with drivetrains. He told me the whole dif had to be rebuilt. So I ordered new spider gears, ring and pinion, bearings and seals. They were put it.
Then later that summer, I started having problem with the front tires locking up upon hard turns. Upon inspection, I noticed the CV joint boots ripped. So I got new boots, took the joints apart and repacked them with grease. Problem sort of went away.
This past Christmas I purchased replacement axles with U-Joints instead of CV-Joints. I did this because I felt U-Joints were stronger.
The tires started binding again upon hard turns, and the front dif is howling again.
I don't want to spend another $1500 on fixing it. (the dif)
This is my question, or series of questions:
Any idea what could be causing these frequent failures?
I want to fix it myself. How hard is it to rebuild a dif? I've done alot myself on the grand now.
Could I get a third-member from a scrap yard and swap it? Would that be the easiest fix?

Thanks for your input.
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I would try your dealer to see if there are any service bulletins or recalls for this vehicle.
Or you can try the links below in my signature.
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I agree. Perhaps you got a bad differential from the factory with issues.
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I bought this vehicle used 1.5yrs ago.
If it was a bad dif, why is it still giving me problems when it was totally rebuilt last year? New ring and pinion, new spider gears, new bearings and seals.
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It may have been done incorrectly or the case may be worn/defective and rebuilding it may not work.
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It may interest you to know chrysler has the same problems with howling cheap bearings.They built your jeep.Ujoints do bind on tight turns because the input shaft and output shaft turn at different speeds.Iknow it doesnt sound right but its true.CV joints or constant velocity joints are called that because input and output shafts turn at the same speed hence less binding.I wont get into a debate over which is stronger but if you remember the syclone awd truck it did 1/4 mile et.s of 13 secs with cv joints from the factory.I think whomever did the repair on your diff either did not get out all the debris or the bearings have failed again because there not made the best and have put more debris in your diff.I would see if you could get a high quality aftermarket bearing before making a repair of any kind new or used.Also synthetic gear oil may help since you use it off road.Good Luck.
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Not sure if this applies

A friend had differential problems with an old Bronco he bought.
The seller boasted that the drivetrain had been completely rebuilt.
The truth was that he replaced the front gear set with a different ratio than the back.

Maybe this is worth looking into?
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You can rebuild a rear 100 times and have it go if you don't fix wants causing it to go.
That's the purpose for the bulletins.

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