brake light on & flashing


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Question brake light on & flashing

the brake light on the instument panel on my 1990 g20 window van is flashing. it flashes 3 shorts and 1 long continuasly. it first just stayed on all the time then started to flas. it now flashes all the time. the brakes all work fine and are not in need of replacment. I can see no fluid leaks. master cyl resevors are full.
I would be gratfull for any help.
thank you
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Pull up on parking brake,and see if it stops.
It may be out of adjustment or have a bad spring.
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I have the same problem as yours.
I unplug the handbrake sensor and also the switch on the master cyclinder, it still flash..
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Does the vehicle have ABS? If it does, the fault might lie there.

Barring the fact that the parking brake is on, some GM vehicles have problems with the proportion valve sticking which may be your issue.
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flashing brake light

I have verified that the emergency brake is not sticking. when the light was only on and not flashing when I put the emer. brake on the light got brighter. I assumed that told me that the normal emergency brake on warning circuit was working correctly. now it stops flashing and gets brighter when I depress the emergency brake pedal.
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That being the case it sounds like it may be a bad sender if the light is dim.Try unplugging the one at the master and see if there is a change.Then due same for the one at the e-brake.
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Wink brake light on and flashing

thanks for replys to my flashing light of the replys mentioned bat auto site. I connected to that and it mentioned removing battery cable for about 20 seconds to clear brake codes. I did this and light is now off and does not flash. since my brakes work fine and I know of no problems with them that would cause a trouble code I will be satisfied with that. Perhaps the light will reapear in the future but I'll worry about it then.
thanks again

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