poor gas mileage


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poor gas mileage

My nephew has a 1995 Eagle Vision TS, 3.5 liter V6, 24 vlv,
214 hp, auto transmission, 155,000 miles. He is only getting
12-13 mpg with this car, which is as bad as my big pickup!
If you have a list of suggestions or things that I can check to find the reason for this poor gas efficiency, please let me know. Thanks!
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Need to know some service history for starters on it....

When's the last time it has seen service? A tuneup? Any check engine light on? Tires filled to the specified pressure? Car been in an accident (out of alignment).

Type of driving he does? Is he a leadfoot?

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You say your nephew.Is he 17 to around 25?
If so that might be the answer.I know from experience boys of this age have a tendency to lay down on the pedal so to speak.lol
If this isn't your problem then as Joe F states look into a tune up,check tire pressures and alignment.
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Any Engine work?

Has this engine gone 155.000 with out a valve job or a cam replacement? I would start by taking a compression check to look for any devation among cylinders.

That's a lot of miles to expect factory milage. A good rebuild would pay it's self off in fuel savings, real quick.
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I agree with Marturo, but since we are lacking a lot of detail from the original poster, we are all guessing.

We need some more information to help and know with what we are dealing with here.

Marturo: I have 143k on the Olds. No rebuild in the future needed . Just continued TLC. .
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Smile poor gas mileage

Thanks for all of the suport and ideas as to where to start on the problem I posted a few days ago. I'm currently checking the simple stuff and seting up an appointment at a professional shop for a diagnostic and tune-up. Thanks again to all of you with input!
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