shudder on take off


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shudder on take off

I have a question I have an 86 chevy nova manual 5 speed 1.6 liter.This problem is with the clutch sometimes after sitting overnight or sitting while I am at work the first take off I feel a shudder from the clutch.
It goes away after a few aplications of the clutch.I had the clutch replaced at 126.000 miles and now it has 186.000 miles.
I am not sure but it seems to do it more when it is damp outside.
I am just wondering if anyone has any ideas on this shudder problem.
Thanks for all the past help
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Cable or hydraulic? Sounds like an issue with a weak master clutch cylinder or a cable issue more than internal.

Could also have sticking internals that free up as they expand, but don't go there yet.

60k on a clutch is quite good depending on the type of driving done
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hydralic clutch

The clutch is hydraulic no adjustment on this one.
I drive normal since this car is no street rod by any means.
that might be it the slave cylinder could be sticking Thanks I will have to check it out and on a nice day flush the system and put new fluid in it.I used to do that every two years but have gotten lazy as the car got older.I also would change all the brake fluid maybe I will do both.
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I agree with joe it is more than likely not internal.But it could be the clutch material absorbing moisture while parked.We see this with brake lining which is basically the same material/sort of. From whom did you purchase the clutch?
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clutch is from Napa

It is a Napa auto parts clutch also the throw out bearing and pressure plate were r+rd at the same time.I could also be the moisture since it only does it on damp days such as lots of fog.
But it goes away just fine its just the first clutch release were it shudders.Otherwise no problems with it at all this has been one good car.
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NAPA Lifetime Brakes

No I'm not in the wrong post My Bonnie has the best NAPA pemium Lifetime Brake Shoes, hey only the best for my Bonnie. Well you see it does this weird thing in the damp mornings.

After a rain or foggy night I take off, I live on a gravel road, well, back to what happens. The Brakes lock up, all 4 of them yep!

If I ride my brakes just enough to dri them out, they work great. If I take the drums and Calipers off, wash everything up with simple green & wet sand the shoes and pads, I can go about 3 months with a slowly worsening lockup problem, at first they don't grab at all.

I have had these NAPA lifetime shoes and pads on Ol Bonnie for 79,000 miles and they are just starting to cam wear on the rear and there is at least 75% still left on the front pads.

Just out of trial and error, try ridding the clutch, just a little next time you take off when it's wet. If you have decreased the time it takes, to get shudder free operation, you will know that you have the NAPA Curse.

NAPA is aware of the problem, and will give you back your money. Why did I not get my money back? Glad you asked. I own, mostly old 67 to 72 Chevrolet cars and trucks. We have a friend who relines our shoes with real Asbestos.

Other than this locking up until dry the brakes stop as good or as well, as the best Bendix, they have nothing that's as good as Asbestos, none of them do, so If Ihad a clutch that would work right after slipping it just long enough, to get smooth operation and it did not slip. Well I would keep it and just learn to work with it, as I did the brakes.

You now know, and now you know why, they realy do, pickup mosture, and grab until they dry, and then they work, they work very well. I have a Hays Clutch in my truck, and it works from the git go, but you are looking at twice the bucks. It is the best clutch, I have ever had, I must say. Send it and the pressure plate in worn plumb out, and Hayes will rebuild both for half price forever. Burn Out Time! I have a 4:11 rear end U know No not Ol Bonnie (Murfee the Ford Killer) 69 C/10 2nd Child hood I'm told LOL.

Anyway now you and all those out there watching, will know why your NAPA Brakes, and Clutches grab, before they dry out. But look on the bright side, they darn near last forever LOL.

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