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I need help! I have a 1990 Lincoln Continental which was recently towed on a flatbed wrecker. I don't believe that the driver cut off the air suspension before lifting the vehicle. Now, the front shocks are extended to the max. Is there a way to reset the level control?
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Have you driven the car since it was towed?

The system will adjust the ride height to the correct height automatically while driving. That's assuming your tow truck driver didn't cinch the car down so low that the ride height sensors were damaged.

Is the "Check Air Suspension" light on while driving?

If the system is damaged, notify the towing co. immediately & explain the situation. Then take your car to a Lincoln dealer & let them fix it at the towing company's expense.
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I agree with Knuckles.
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Yes, I've driven the vehicle since the tow! The first day the passenger front was fully extended and then once parked the driver front fully extended! I appreciate your advice. However, the wrecker service is giving me the run-a-round. Thanks again!
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If you believe they damaged it, have it repaired and send them the bill, keeping in contact with them that you will make them eat the repairs. Especially so if they advertise "damage free" towing and things like that.

Your other option is to contact the local Department of Consumer Affairs, local "Shame on You" type TV news channel or the Better Business Bureau if you feel the towing company is giving you the business.

Be persistent, but be right. Make sure the dealer or shop attests to the fact it was damaged by towing. Take pictures to prove your case if you need to.

Good luck.

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