(95' Volkswagen JettaIII GL) HELP! URGENT!


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Exclamation (95' Volkswagen JettaIII GL) HELP! URGENT!

Please help me! My factory alarm on my Volkswagen Jetta has a tendency to go off at random, like even when I am driving. The only way that I can stop it is to get out of my car and insert the key into my trunk, turning it clockwise until the alarn stops. Trying to disarm it from the doors no longer works and hasn't for some time. This is really embarrasing. So far, I've spent $500 trying to get it fixed. It took it to my Volkswagen dealer and they couldn't fix the problem so they blamed it on my Viper alarm which had been installed professionally by Circuit City. Circuit City removed the Viper at my request, but the alarm continues to go off, parked or not, whenever it wants to. As far as I'm concerned, I don't need the alarm anymore! I just want to permanently disable the alarm, or at least cut the wire to the siren so that if the alarm is tripped again while I am driving, I will not even be aware. If you guys can direct me on this, or help me at all, please respond ASAP! This crap happened to me on a date, and I was so embarrased that I was sick! I really need to disable that faulty alarm once and FOR ALL.
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Yikes, another hokey aftermarket alarm install.

Make sure they removed ALL of it. They likely changed around some wires and connections bypassing the original configuration and factory alarm. In turn, it may be making the original factory alarm go haywire. No need to install an aftermarket alarm on top of a factory unit. It won't save the car from being stolen with 2 alarms over the factory unit.

Now that the aftermarket alarm is out of the picture, what does VW have to say about restoring the original alarm?

Where did you spend the 500 and what was done for that amount? It didn't solve your problem, so time to go back that source and ask for them to fix the problem.

In all fairness, the dealer may have charged you the 500 (If that is the 500 dollar charge you are referencing here) to straighten out the bad alarm install by CC.

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