Automatic transmission


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Automatic transmission

Hello there,

I live in Europe and have driven manual transmission all my life, now I have a Opel Senator 3.0 automatic and will NEVER shift again(i hope)
Just curious about some things:

1)My transmission fluid seems quite old (probably this is the factory-fluid from '88), but transmission drives and shifts perfectly. AT-loving friend of mine says it's not burnt or so. Some people say changing is good, some say it's bad when it's that old. Anyone knows for sure?

2)We like to 'relax' (yes baby we're Dutch) for quite some time with engine running. What's the best thing to do, put it in Park or in Drive? I had a dodge D200 with leaking AT-hoses and I noticed that fluid only passes the radiator when in gear(R or D) so i'm afraid of overheating my baby when idling in Park for a long time.

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We don't get that model here in the States, so our knowledge of it is quite limited.

A couple of things with tranny fluid:

If it's burned and stinky like that, it's overheated. By changing it with new fluid you might wipe out the tranny by clogging the valve body with more burnt clutch pack material. I say leave it. When the tranny grenades, replace the tranny or the vehicle.

That being said, idling in park is safest. Putting it in drive and idling is not safe. If your foot slips or something happens, you can cause an accident. Idle only in Park.
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Thanks for your reply,

It's the first one that sounds logical to me, Others just tell me that it's good to change or bad to change .

I think i'll drive till it explodes and buy another; These cars won't cost more than $1000 second-hand.

You american guys don't drive this car, you don't know what you're missing! This is about the most perfect european car.
Have a look at and get exited!

Please shorten your signature, I (and with me the rest of this world) really don't want to read such LOOONNNNGGG message containing few words.

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Sorry, the signature saves me a lot of typing. It also contains many useful links and tips that would answer half the questions here without people having the need to post.

We as moderators of this forum find that some folks don't use the links and heed the requests we ask for basic information before posting a problem. Remember we cannot see the machines and do not know the actual problem until you describe it to us.

In turn, such signature files are needed.

As for that particular model, if it suits you, great! . Don't sink any kind of money into a car worth a grand. Drive it till it pukes and then pitch it for another one .
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