Automatic Transmission


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Question Automatic Transmission

97 Chry LHS 3.5L with about 83000 miles

About 2 years ago, my wife was driving the LHS and transmission line came off, she didnt know (didnt notice all smoke coming from under the car or that alt light was on from being soak in transmission oil) and drive it till it quit pulling and then notice all the smoke coming from under the hood. Had the car haul home....thinking the whole time transmission/front wheel drive = $$$$$$$. Anyway I clean all the fluid up and fixed the transmission line. Decide to put fluid back in it, and to my amazement it pulled it self and hasnt slipped any. And to this day the transmission dont slip, the fluid is red and does not smell burnt. Now for the question:

1) Since it been about 2 years roughly 20000 miles since this has happen and transmission is still operating fine, does that mean no real damage was done?

2) And would be ok to do fluid and filter change?

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I'd say you got lucky, so you should be able to go ahead as normal with the repair.

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