92 GMC Safari "Bad valve seals"


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92 GMC Safari "Bad valve seals"

I took the van into the shop yesterday and that's what they came back with, since they didn't do engine work of this nature they recommended another place and didn't charge for the diagnosis.

Here's the van's problem

It will blow out blue tinted smoke from the exhaust all the time even when it's been on for several hours, the smoke will increase as you push down on the accelerator.

This started approx 2 years ago, the van has been sitting for about 1.6 yrs, I recently got some money togther replaced the battery and wanted to see about getting this problem fixed. I have about $1000 to do it with.

Is this enough money and what's a reasonable amount to charge for this fix?

Thanks for the replies
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You're looking at about 500 to 800 or so to change the valve stem seals. It's all labor, the parts are likely fairly cheap.

Common problem with "Chevy" designed engines (since the parts books call them "corporate" now, even though some engines have their roots in certain divisions) like this. Puffing on start up with blue smoke is a classic case of bad valve stem seals.

However smoking all the time like you describe is more indicative of bad rings. That being said, the engine would have to be rebuilt to rectify that problem.

You can try a thicker oil for a while, starting with 10W40 and working your way up to 20W50, but it's a band aid to the problem at best.

The umbrella style seals on this engine dry up and turn to dust. The engine then becomes a puffer.

Once again, yours sounds like a ring issue more than valve stem seals. Either way it has to be repaired as you will not pass inspection this way and will lose all the oil in the crankcase .

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