ABS brake modulator noise? 99 yukon


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ABS brake modulator noise? 99 yukon

We got a used 99 yukon and when you first start driving between 5 and 10 mph there is a noise that sounds like a pump or soleniod clicking by the drivers side floor/front inner fender area. Does anyone know if this is a normal occurance?

We have not had enough 99's in our shop to have experienced this before. The vehicle shop manual says the vehicles self test is performed when it reaches a speed greater than 3 mph, at this time the EBCM relay, solenoid coils and BPMV pump cycle. The BPMV pump will make a slight sound when this occurs.

The brakes look and function ok, and the local dealer was no help when I called them to ask about the noise. I had a 92 astro all wheel drive and the abs made a noise when first rolling forward at a few mph and that noise was considered normal, so far that vehicle is still going strong with no problems.
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I work at a GMC dealer and its normal for slight noise to come from the abs during the self test.I would not be too concerned unless its loud.If it is check to make sure all the bolts are tight and rubber bushings are not bad.
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I agree. If it only happens when you initially take off/start the truck, it's probably a self-test.

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