RX-7 smoking


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RX-7 smoking

I have a 85 RX-7 with an automatic transmission,no turbo, and rotary motor. The thing is that it smokes like crazy. I check the oil but it never uses any inbetween changes; but the transmisson fluid runs through it like water. I have looked everywhere for a leak and can not find one. The smoke is comming out of the tail pipe so the best I can figure is it is burning trans. fluid; but how and from where?
I guess I'm brave or stupid I went back and dropped the fluid pan and changed everything includeing the gasgets; but have had any luck finding how it would be burning all that fluid.
Someone told me to change the modulator valve. Only thing is I don't know where it is. I would rather do the work to this car myself and save the money. It is just a spare to have around in case my work truck dies or someone needs to borrow the truck. I'm not in a big rush to fix it but I would like to get the RX-7 running again. I just think it is fun to drive.
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The tranny modulator, if so equipped is on the transmission and looks like a vacuum can. It will run up to a port on the carburetor.

Call a Mazda dealer and see if their parts catalogs show one for this application.

These old RX7s are very tempermental and are wicked heaps. They will soak you for tons of green as they get older. Nimble little cars, but poor reliability.
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The modulator is usualy a pod located on the transmission with a vacuum hose connected to it.When it goes bad the trans fluid is sucked out of the trans via the vac hose and goes through the intake and burns out the exhaust. Should be held in with a clip and a easy fix.Someone will correct me if I'm wrong.
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Thank you

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