random chime


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random chime

My daughter has a 92 caravan. While driving we hear what we think is a door chime. Sometimes once or twice on a trip. Other times it will do it several times. Driving us nuts.
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Check for misalignment of the doors which would cause the pin switches in the door jambs to stay out, turning the chime on.

Additionally, the pin switches themselves may be dirty or defective.

Sure there is no mechanical issues? Some of those Chryslers have reminder packages that send those buzzers on when the washer fluid or other fluids are low
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I have run into bad contacts on the side slide door with these vehicles.
Check the wire at cantact on pillar for loose wire.
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93 Voyager also dings

Frequently: on bumpy roads, in the winter, around a corner, we get a "Ding" and sometimes even the interior lights will flash. Open the slider, slam it shut, all is fine.

A] you are not alone.

B] agree with posts about wiring/contacts

C] It is the slider circuit for m problem...

D] Never tried to fix it, too much work for such an infrequent and minor irritation.

E] thats as bad as it has ever been for us, now with over 60k miles on the same problem.

Smile - this is a Mopar: switches and wiring go bad in Mopars, and have done so since the late 1960s.
1968 Sport Satellite: blower switch fire, blower resistors failed repeatedly.
1980 Power Wagon: blower switch, blower fuse contacts in fuse box (melted fuse box), door switches, headlight switches, alternator harness, ignitior module connector (in the module).
1983 Charger: door switches, headlight switches.
1988 Caravan: none (Huh!)
1993 Voyager: rear wiper switch, defroster blower resistor assy.
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random chime

Thanx for the info. We might have found the problem.One of the rear seats was not properly locked into floor. After locked in place we have not had a chime or ding for 2 days. Is this possible?

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