Car won't Start


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Unhappy Car won't Start

I am working on a 1993 pontiac Grand am. It has a 2.3L engine. on the cover of the engine it reads, Dual OHC. The problem started as I was driving. It started missing, than it got worst, finally it let me stranded in the middle of the street. At this point I have replaced the twin coils, fuel filter, plugs. when I try to started it- It sounds like it wants to start, but it never does. A friend told me that it could be the timing chain. can You give any suggestions. thanks for your help.
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One more thing first please.

Please read the top post and fill in the blanks for us.
"Before posting, please read!" It will make all the difference in the world to the techs.
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Talking checking timing chain

Check your compression on your engine. Make sure all cylinders have 100 lbs. of compression or more. If they do the timing chain is OK. Make sure the fuel injectors are working. If you listen to the with a screw driver. One end on your ear and the other end on the injector. whith a helper cranking on the engine. You will here it tick. That means it is working.
Did you replace the coil housing ? That is the part that the coils fit into. They have a bad problem shorting out and cross fireing. Which causes a not start. The fire never makes it to the plugs and it is a good Idea to install new plug boots too at the same time you install a new housing. The usualy go out every 50,000 miles. Hope this helps you. Let me know.
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Hi Marturo. Thanks for all that info your gave me. I checked out every thing that you suggested. replaced the distributer cap too.
My compression is above 100 lbs on each cylinder. I had someone turn the key on and off and I can hear the injecter clicking off and on, but I can't really hear any thing when the engine is turning over. Anyway to make it short, my car still won't start. Do you have anymore suggestions that I can try. Again, thanks for all thoses tips that you gave me, hopefully it might benefit someone else.
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These guys gave you good suggestions and you can look in my signature file below for more ideas as well.

Be careful on this car. This is a Quad 4 engine. They are notorious head gasket blowers and these cars/engines aren't worth a wooden nickel. Is the oil dipstick milky? If it is, consider hard and long before putting money in the engine...even to get it started.

GM ate a lot of repairs on these Quad 4's and extended the warranties, but they are wicked heaps .
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Are there any trouble codes?
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1993 grand am

I also have a 93 Grand Am that I purchased in 1993.Late in 1994 I recieved a letter from Pontiac to inform me of a defect."This letter is intended to make you aware that some1993 Pontiac Grand Am with 2.3L Quad OHC(RPO Code L40, VIN 3)engines may develop a cracking condition of the cylinderhead that allows coolant to leak from the cylinder head"Pontiac will repair this only if it occures before 100,000 miles. Mine cracked at 104,000 (lucky me) I hope this has nothing to do with your troubles.
I still have my 93 pontiac it has 200,000 miles and a cracked head! I would buy it again today only I would make certain the head cracked BEFORE 100k! Best of Luck.
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Thumbs down

My cousin bought a 1992 Grand Am Quad 4 used without consulting me and it was a wicked heap and not worth a wooden nickel. When her mother (my aunt) first contacted me and I saw the Vin #, I knew we had trouble Houston.

Subsequent to that she had a ton of problems and wound up bailing out, returning the car to get out of her contract/loan and the dealer got the car and some of her payments. It was a total loss .

I tried to fight and get resolution with the dealer (used car place) and they were starting to bend but then she just decided she wanted out. Bought a Bronco II (again, against my recommendation) and it was troublesome too. . Aye, the bus seemed like the only reliable thing for her! Lol.

I told her to save up some green which would put her in a better category and class of car.

I wouldn't buy one of them new or used at all. They are too troublesome.
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