Buying new car tips

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Buying new car tips

Please explain to us tips for buying a new car.Some one said don't tell them what you have for a trade in.Someone said don't be to anxious,also never pay the sticker price----let us know your wisdom and experience.Thanks
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The web is full of tips on this subject. Go to Google & type in "new car buying tips" and see what you get. The library also has several books & articles on the subject.

My personal experience. Never tell them you have a trade-in until you make the deal on the new car. They are two seperate transactions. Go to Edmunds or Kelly Blue Book and find out what the car you want cost the dealer and also what the car you are trading in is worth. Work up from this amount on the new car, not down from the sticker. Everything is negotiable. Never fall for the "your not leaving until we sell you a car". Just walk away if you don't get your deal. Go to another dealership. Remember car salesman do this all day long. You do it maybe once every three years.

Just my 2 cents. I'm sure others will follow.
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Thumbs up Hope This Helps

I'm not a consumer advocate, but there's a guy on the radio here in Atlanta who is, and this is what his website says about buying a new car.
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I agree with all presented here. Do your homework before making a choice as well.

Do not trade a car in unless it's a bomb or worthless. You'll get more selling it on the outside.

I told the sales person when we bought our Saturn regarding the "extras" (add ons):

"You see, I know you get that alarm from ABC company. I can get it for 35 bucks myself and install it in a few hours. I'll still be ahead 400 bucks ".

I also told them to keep the service postcards and don't waste their money...they will not see the car for anything the warranty doesn't cover. I do it all

Good luck.

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