R&R '90 Camry fender


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R&R '90 Camry fender

Thanks, Joe -
I ordered the repl. fender from www.4autoparts.com in CA.
despite some well-meant but wrong advice about "after-market
body parts" . The thing went right in and bolted up nicely
Getting the old one off was a bear - sheared off bolt heads etc. A tech who knows what he's doing suggests a squirt of Kroil on the bolt heads a few days before the deed.
My wife's so impressed we ordered one for the other side and
going to have the old thing painted.
Fenders, $ 120.00. New Camry , $21,000.00
Thanks, Joe, for the direction. I didn't really think I could do it and make a good job of it
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Sounds good. Aftermarket fenders will rot out quicker than OEM counterparts, but on an old heap like this, it's not going to matter much.

Good job! .

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