Fuel system problem w/98 Cherokee


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Unhappy Fuel system problem w/98 Cherokee

I have a 98 Jeep Cherokee 4.0 liter. I have replaced the fuel pump twice in the last 2 weeks. The second one came from the Jeep dealer with the thought that the after market pump was faulty. I still have the same problem which is - it takes 2 or 3 times to start (getting the fuel into the system). We checked it with a pressure regulator and when I turn the key to the start position then off 3 times, it builds up enough pressure to start the first time I crank it. The problem can't be the fuel pump, there's no inline fuel filter that I'm aware of. Any ideas?

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Why do you have to crank it three times to build up pressure? Something sounds wrong there....start here.
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Follow up

I don't crank it 3 times. But it does take 3 times turning the ignition to the start position (which sends fuel from the tank) to get it to start.
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Right. But why? Each time you turn the key forward, the fuel pump should energize and there should be enough pressure to start the truck.

I still think there is a fuel pressure issue here.
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I am having a similar problem and have yet to try any sort of repair. We actually have 2 problems if anyone has insight.

1) Starting Problem: Takes 1 really long turn of the ignition or 2 shorter turns to get the car started

2) Stalling Problem: Car will stall on left turns when the fuel is low.

I am not that upset by the stalling problem as it can be fixed by keeping more fuel in the tank. The other problem however signifies a greater problem to me. plus this problem came on rather suddenly and the last thing I want is for my wife to call me upset and stranded. Anyone have any input?

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Post a separate post with all the details following the "Read Here Before Posting" sticky at the top of the forum page.

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