1992 F-150


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1992 F-150

I have a 92 F-150 with a straight 6cyl engine. I never heard of a oil pan rusting out but mine is. Its leaking right through the middle. How difficult is it to replace this? Is this job to big for average person with some mechanical scense. I didn't get a good look but it looks like it should drop straight down, or am I in dreamland and you need to jack the engine up or something crazy like that. A midas shop wants $375.00. I checked Auto Zone and the parts are about $100.00.
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It's not that simple.

The pan will not drop down far enough to clear the crankshaft counterweights and the oil pump.

You have to remove the upper intake manifold, then remove the motor mount through bolts & raise the engine.

The pan bolts can then be removed & the pan lowered...but it still won't come out. You have to reach inside the pan & blindly remove the oil pump bolts & allow the pump & screen assembly to drop down in to the pan.

The pan can now be removed.

Installation is pretty much the reverse of removal.

I suggest you get a good repair manual.

For what it's worth, my labor guide allows 4.1 - 5.2 hours for this job.
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Thanks, I think I will let the pros do this one.

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