89 Toyota Truck 22RE 5 speed 4WD

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Wink 89 Toyota Truck 22RE 5 speed 4WD

I would like some advice about a problem that is intermittent.

Usually, but not always, when the truck is cold I have the problem.

When I start the truck and the auto choke settles down the rpms on the tach jump up and down about 200 to 300 rpm. After a while this settles down.

After I let the truck warm up and start driving it will be going along fine. Then It will start cutting down. It feels like it is losing some power and stutters for just a few seconds. Then it recovers and is fine.

Lately, there have been a few times that the engine will not fire. It cranks and cranks but won't turnover.

I have had it towed twice the the last week to two different shops. The first has worked on other problems for me. He kept it a couple of days and could not find a problem. The second shop had the same results. Their diagnostic machine came up with a couple of codes from the truck's cpu such as ignition and airflow problems. But he says that those items checked out fine and the truck has started and run without a hitch.

The only thing I can think of is a fuel problem. A toyota dealership replaced the fuel pump several months ago at a hefty price. (Now I'm dealer shy). I have had the fuel filter replaced every 12 months since I've had the truck.

Any suggestions?

Thank you in advance

Steve Gurley


The problem has been solved. It took the eagle eye of a friend to see. Both professional shops did not catch it.

A grounding strap which is ground to the efi componets was not attached. So it was flopping around. When the truck would start and run the strap was probably gounding itself against something. But the vibration from accelerating would temp knock it away.

A couple of weeks earlier the first shop replaced a head gasket and timing chain cover. Apparently they overlooked the grounding strap.

The second shop did not see it either.

Now the truck runs great.

Thank you
Steve Gurley


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Need to check for lack of fuel, spark or air when the truck quits.

Check my posts and links below in my signature file for some ideas and starting points.

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