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Question Coolant Fan

I am working on a 1990 Chevrolet Cavalier, 2.2L 4 cyl, no A/C.

Symtoms causing attention: Electrical ceased to work (radio, dashlights, all accesories) and vehicle overheated and died. Jump started it, drove about 1/4 mile, electrical ceased to work, over heated and died. Had alternator tested, it was bad, replaced it. Vehicle electrical works fine and it does not die anymore. Only dilemma now is with the heating/coolant system. The electric radiator fan only kicks on when I unplug the coolant fan sensor screwed into the thermostat housing. Replaced it, same thing, the fan will not kick on unless the sensor is unplugged. I know the engine is getting hot enough the fan should kick on but it don't. However, the engine temperature light doesn't come on either. Any ideas?
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Get a schematic of the system from or check the links in my signature file for some ideas.

Start there and tell us what you find.
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If it is not boiling the water out it is not getting to hot. Let me explane. If the rady cap, thermsat and coolant is good. The coolant fan will not turn on untill about 248degres. let me explane. Water boils at 218degres, for every one pound you pressurize it will raise it 3degres, so a 15pound cap will raise it from 218 to 253degres and antifreeze raise it to ??????? .. So if it is not boiling the water it is not getting to hot. If you are still having trob. you may have someone put it on a comp. scan to see what temp. it is running at.--Good Luck----Dave
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