91 lumina mini van fuel problem


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Unhappy HELP! Noisy Hot Water Heater

I have a gas hot water tank. When the shower is on, the tank makes popping and cracking sounds like air may be in in. It usually makes some sound when reheating, but not like this. Someone said to check water in a glass to see if there are air bubbles...there aren't. Could there be air getting into the line and how do I check that?
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91 lumina mini van fuel problem

hay joe
i checked out everything on the fuel and injector. the problem lies in the pulse there isn't any. it's just constant power. whatcontroles the pulse and what do i have to do to fix it?
it's a 91 chevy lumina apv mini van with a 3.1 can you help me solve this problem?
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Sounds like a ground issue at the computer or the computer itself. Most parts stores can test the computers before rebuilding them to confirm this.

Might have a blown injector driver or a shorted one.
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1. Check for spark! No reference pulse to the ECM=no injector pulse.

2. Check for a shorted fuel injector. Your APV is equipped with Throttle Body Injection. If one injector is shorted, the ECM will shut down the ground path to both injectors.

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