I want to paint my car....what do i need


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I want to paint my car....what do i need

i want to paint my car i been lookin int it for awhile....i just would really like to know exactly what i need like aircompressor size hvlp gun or other ect.....My car has original paint i want to get it ready for paint but dont know how to do that if someone can help me out greatly apreciated.....if anyone is woundering its a 1991 civic hb si i want to paint and shaved the doors
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Painting a car is no longer a DIY job due to changes in paint chemistry, safety equipment & environmental regulations.

Your best bet is to do all of the prep work (that's where all the time & money goes when you pay for a paint job) yourself & let a good paint & body shop spray it.

There are quite a few books available on the subject. I suggest you buy one & read it, then see if you're still interested in tackling this job yourself.
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I agree with Knuckles.

If you want a good job, it's all in the prep. You have to have controlled conditions.

Work with the shop to decide what is best. For instance, removing the trim yourself will save you money, but sanding it yourself might not. You might do more harm than good for your job.

I would also recommend you look into taking a vocational course on auto body. That's a good place to learn.
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masking tape, bondo, gloves, mask, etc.

Agreed ! lotsa work involved. I prepped a Mazda p.u. and
Maaco shot the paint for me. Nice job - but I wouldn't do it again.
The Vo-Tech school route is an excellent idea if you really-really
want to do this.
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hey thanks alot i am goin to give the vo tech school a call aand see whati can do thanks alot guys more questions to come lol

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