#20 Fuse in Engine Fuse Box Keeps Blowing!


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Angry #20 Fuse in Engine Fuse Box Keeps Blowing!

I have a 1989 Toyota Camry All Trac w/ 6 cylinder engine that keeps blowing through the #20 fuse in the engine fuse box. My radio, interior clock & lights keep going out. When I replace it, it lasts for about 3-4 days, but blows again. It usually burns out on start up vs. while driving. Any ideas on what the problem could be? Also, how expensive could the problem potentially be? Any answers would be much appreciated!!
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Could be anything from an overload to a wire with chaffed insulation grounding out....

Check the links in my signature file for some diagnostic aides/ideas.
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Is lighter on this circuit also? If it is there are 2 things to check.

1) Remove the lighter element ( the part you push in). And look with a light and see if anything has fallen down in the lighter socket, like a penny, nickels or any other metal object that might have falling down in socket, this would cause a short.

2) Leave the element out for a couple of days and see if the fuse stops blowing. Lot of times when the element go bad they become a short and when they are push in far enought they blow the fuse.

This may not be your problem but easy to check, I use to do custom stereo and alarm installs. I would see probably 1 in 5 cars with either of the above as problem.

Hope this helps
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Do any of your interior lights have cracks in the lens where rain water or any other moisture could get in and cause a short. I had a simular problem with a vehicle that kept blowing the fuse for the brake lights, tail lights, that turned out to be water in the license plate illumination light causing a short. As well you could always try a time delayed fuse.
Good Luck

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