1992 chevy lumina


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Tom McCartt
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1992 chevy lumina

I have a 1992 chevy lumina - it's been well maintained, it's a
3.1L- automatic with about 140,000 miles. lately, after about 20 minutes of driving the car will stall out when I let off the accelerator - I can immediately restart the car after it stalls - but if I put it in gear ( drive/reverse ) it will stall out again. Only after allowing it to sit for about 15 minutes will it drive normally. It idles normally even after it stalls but only in park or neutral. Is this an electrical, a computer or a transmission related problem??
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Could be any of the three....depends.

Start by checking some of the posts and links in my signature file below and let us know what you find.
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I am having a similar problem with my 89 Buick Regal - 2.8L automatic, approx. 130000 miles. The engine has never had any problems before.

It seems to happen on the warmer days (above 65 deg.) and only after it has been driven longer than 20 minutes. It does not matter if it is on the highway or in town. After it spits/sputters and dies it will immediately start again. Then it will sputter and die under load (putting it in gear). About three or four fits like this and then it will run fine.

Last week I took it to the mechanic thinking that it was a fuel delivery problem. They had it (running) for two days, but it would not quit for them. They checked for error codes, the fuel pressure, fuel pump relay, and wiring - all were fine. I had them replace the fuel pump and fuel filter anyway.

Thursday it was fine (cooler day), but yesterday it quit on me while comming home from work.

I am now thinking something electrical/computer related. Possibly vapor locked? But the gas tank is full.

Any help is greatly appreciated
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Does your car seem to "bang" into gear and then stall? If so, this seems to be a common problem with GM vehicles... I would disconnect the 4-pin connector on the side of the transmission and drive it to see if the problem subsides, if it does have the torque converter solenoid checked/replaced.

Good luck
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I agree w/Chad. Your symptoms sound like a TCC problem.
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Tom McCartt
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j larson

I took my 1992 Lumina to a transmission specialist who drove it and inspected it. He told me the seals inside the trasnmission were breaking up, causing it to loose pressure, and also burning up the clutches inside, he said the converter, clutches, & seals need replaced.
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Whoa Nelley. Hold up a minute....

Sounds like someone needs to pay his bills this month. Lol. And you're going to be the source of revenue.

Now it's true, the trans is probably on borrowed time and it's probably time to pitch this old heap, but don't go there yet.

Unplug the TCC connector and see if that helps. If it does, drive it till it stops. Then pitch and squish it (junk it). Probably not worth a tranny rebuilt. Too old of a car and not a good one (these W body cars were the pits).

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