Battery Light Flickers When Raining/Cold


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Question Battery Light Flickers When Raining/Cold

I posted the following earlier, but that suggestion didn't work. Problem: I have a 99 Cougar and when it is extremely cold outside or raining heavily the battery light on my instrument panel flickers on and off. It was suggested that I clean the battery connections which I did. Today, it was a downpour and it started once again. Suggestions?
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check the conections on the alternator , make sure they are clean and tight
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Hook up a volt test the battery and turn on all assy, blowed on high.wiper motor, headlight ect. and test alt output and see if bat. light is on. It may not be cold weather relate just high assy. edemand that is turning on light. Pick rpm up to 2000rpm for a few mint. and than bring back to idle volt meter should read .5volt over normal bat. volts with all assy on to keep light turned off.--good luck Dave
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I agree with both of these guys.

However, it is a 1999 car and should be covered by the factory warranty.

Let Ford eat the repairs. An alternator (if this is the problem) shouldn't go bad on a three year old car.

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