ford aspire


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ford aspire

I am thinking about buying a ford aspire what do you guys think about the ford aspire is it a good car do any of you own one? Thank You

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I personally don't like any Ford product.
The best bet though would be to try the links in my signature file below, and check for TSB's and recalls on that vehicle.
You may also try a title search to see how often car was in shop and if there was any accidents.
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Nope, don't own one, don't want one, won't own one. The bus and subway are much more reliable and cheaper too. Lol.

The Ford Aspire is the 90's version of the Yugo. Stay far away.

It's a rebadged Kia product in disguise and it's also out of production for good reason. It stunk. Lol. Most fleets used them for rent a cars a few years ago.

Cheap quality, cheaply screwed together, and lackluster performance, not to mention a go cart can accelerate faster.

Better is out there for the same money you'll spend on this shoe in my belief. I'd stick with a Toyota or other mainstream small car if you're in the budget market. Step up to something better if possible. More features, better mechanics and safer as well. Small bottom of the barrel cars are always problems in my belief.

My .02

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