95 Pontiac Transport engine trouble

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Unhappy 95 Pontiac Transport engine trouble

I have a 95 Pontiac Transport SE, 3800. When the van is cruising on the highway at 60 mph (100 km/hr) and gas is given when going up a hill or to keep the van moving, it begins to shake or kind of bang about, something like when the fuel filter is going. I've changed the fuel filter and the spark plugs (what a trip that was!!), but that didn't fix the problem. It only does it on the highway or at higher speeds. It runs great around town and idoles perfectly. I've checked around for any unplugged vacum lines and everything seemd to be OK. Does anyone know how to get the fault codes? Appreciate any feedback!
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Start with the links/posts below in my signature file.

Trouble code information is there on Knuckles' website.
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Thanks Joe for the info. I was out tonight at the local car parts place, Canadian Tire, to get a few things like a new air filter and some injector cleaner and thought I'd ask the parts guys if they had any idea what the problem might be.

They tossed around a bunch of different senarios such as MAP sensor, throttle position sensor and maybe tranny. I left and was looking at some stuff when this fellow came over who had been standing down the counter when I was explaining to the guys. He said he had the extact same problem with 2 other 95s. He said it is the lock up converter in the tranny. He said he spent $300 at one dealer and then $600 at another place and still had the problem. Then a tranny place sold him a bottle of tranny stuff for $8 and that was it. He's since put on over 150,000km, no problem.

He couldn't remember the exact name of the stuff, said it came in a red bottle but I got a bottle of Gunk Trans-Medic and I'll see what happens. Apparently it takes a couple of days to work.

Couldn't believe this guy was right there. Praise God! It was nothing short of a miracle.


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