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Attn: Cheese or other Chrysler Techs

Just a question for you guys in the Mopar circles. I believe I know the answer, but I'm asking for a friend. Mostly for ammo against his dealership .

1997 Stratus, 2.4 vin X. About 35,000 miles on it. Uses a lot of oil.

I have read of leaking head gaskets on this and other related problems. Alldata has a lot on the head gaskets.

What's your guy's take on this? Any experience and resolution through your channels/experience in the dealers? I'm having him call Chrysler and make them eat the repair, but was wondering what your take on it was.

Opinions welcomed .

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Hi Joe! I quit the dealership around 1994/95. The stratus/cirrus had just come out, and I dont think I ever did anything other than a pre-delivery inspection on one of these. I really don't know about the 2.4. I got out of the automotive business entirely after working for dodge. The service mgr there treated everyone there like dirt, and we all quit. It ruined my desire to work on cars, so other than family, friends, and my own...I don't. I have seen another Dodge certified tech in this forum recently....maybe they can help. I think they go by the name "spooge".

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Ok Cheese. Thanks.

If nothing else, we'll of course handle the head gasket ourselves (if his parents don't trade it in), but if Chrysler will eat some lunch on this repair (they should) then that's better .

I have been doing a lot of reading on it, and it does seem like head gaskets were a problem. Chrysler came out with a Multi Layered gasket to replace the previous composite one. I have read of alot of woes with head gaskets on these.

He does confirm the back of the engine is wet with oil. That would explain where all the oil is "disappearing" to .

Thanks again!

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