98 Chevy Venture Low Coolant Light


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Angry 98 Chevy Venture Low Coolant Light

Idiot lights drive me crazy!! That said, last week the low coolant light came on in my wife's 98 Chevy Venture. It was low and I added the correct coolant to the level it should be. Now for a week the low coolant light has remained on. The level is perfect and the temp rides exactly as it has always. We only have 34,000 miles on this car. My questions: Is there a reset button for the idiot light? Where is the sensor located? Maybe if I pull it and clean the connection it will resume to normal, or then I could replace it. The engine is a 3.5 liter v6 with 4 speed automatic. No mechanical issues until now other than normal maintenance.

Also as a side question, to save research since I am already here: The air level shocks that are maintained with the onboard compressor are starting to leak oil. I plan to replace them. Can I obtain replacement parts from other than the dealer? I have had air shocks before, but none that were controlled by an onboard compressor.


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The low fluid sensor is likely located in the reservoir bottle or in the radiator itself. A quick call to the dealer should confirm it.

As for aftermarket air shocks, yes Monroe and Gabriel likely have a listing for your vehicle.

BTW: A 1998 Venture has a 3.4 liter vin code E engine. There is no 3.5 in this van.
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Wink Engine size

Finger slip, it is a 3.4l. Thanks for the quick reply, I will check with the dealer right now.


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