Ignition Switch repair


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Vincent William
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Ignition Switch repair

1979 Pontiac Bonneville
4.9 v-8 engine
automatic transmission

Ignition switch had been sort of dragging (for a few days) when I attempted to turn it off.
Came home one day and it wouldn't turn off at all. I had to go under the hood and remove the spark plug wires in order to stop the engine. Key will turn further forward ,to the start position, but will not turn backwards to shut the car off. The little ring, around the key hole, that I grasp to turn the key when starting and turning off the car, seems to be loose on one end. It moves but won't come out of the steering column. I assume that I need to replace the ring or the entire lock.

1. if the ring needs replacing , how do I do it?
2. If the entire switch needs replacing, how do I do it?

Thanks , in advance, for your help. !
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Probably a bad lock cylinder. A ten dollar part with a new key. It's the lock, cylinder, key and case. Any parts store stocks this. Very, very common part.

Your best bet is to look in the links and posts below in my signature file.

In short:

1) Pull the wheel. You'll need to rent/buy a wheel puller. Autozone can rent you one. You'll also need a lock plate depresser as well. Same thing with AZ.
2) Remove the three screws holding in the turn signal switch. Fold it out of the way.

3) There is a phillips screw that holds the lock cylinder in place. Turn the key to run (obviously disconnect the battery), and remove the screw. DO NOT drop the screw. If you do, you'll have to fish it out of the column. The lock will now slide out.

Installation is the reverse of removal. Again, a manual suits as the best guide. Check your local library for one if the links below turn up empty.

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