fuel filter change on '96 cherokee


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fuel filter change on '96 cherokee

My fuel filter rotted away a little bit and is leaking fuel. I going to change it this afternoon. Do I need to depressurize the fuel system before swapping it out? My buddy told me that once I unclamp the filter, I can relieve the pressure that way. I just don't want gas spraying out at me. Also, any other advise on this matter? Thanks
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fuel filter

I had a puddy tell me that when you un do it to wrap a rag around it so the gas does not shot out at you. I think the lines are at 35 psi.
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Antony W. Serio
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To depresurize the fuel system on a GM (I don't know jeeps), pull the fuse for the fuel pump and crank the engine. If the truck starts, wait until it runs dry. Just remember to put the fuse back when you are done.
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I agree with these guys. See the links/cautions/posts below in my signature file.
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If the fuel system leaks it will depressurize on its own,let it sit an hour without turning the key on.
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Easy, 20 minute project! thanks guys. I just wrapped a towel around it, and kept a pan underneath to drank the fuel into. It was easy. I still soaked my arm in fuel, but that's alright. easly project!

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