screeching sound at startup


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Exclamation screeching sound at startup

I have a Toyota Camry 1996, 112.000 miles.
When I startup the car I hear a screeching sound. I thought it would depend on the engine being cold, but today I heard the same sound when my wife was pulling in the driveway after driving it for a while. I guess it may be the drive belt but I am not sure. any idea?
Thanks in advance.
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Where's the sound coming from? Listen to it, pop the hood and see if you can narrow it down to a certain area. It may well be the belt.
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Pitch the belt for a new one without reservation if it is the original one at this mileage and age.

Belts should be changed every 4 years on the dot.
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Thanks for getting back to me.
I opened the hood and yes, it is the drive belt. The sound is really loud, but the belt looks brand new (we bought the car 2 months ago and had it checked then, and I think the autotech put a new belt). How hard is it to replace it? I don't mind trying at all, but I am afraid it may be too much for somebody unexperienced.
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We all were beginners.

Go to a local parts store and savor the smells(1 of my favorite places) & buy a manual for your car $15.00. Go ahead and loosen the bolts that hold the belt pulleys, see there aren't many moves to a belt adjustment.. Then follow the procheure until the belt does not slip,in the Alternator pully.

This belt is let's say 2 mos old and has streched to the squealing point. Good this is your first retighten. The only trick with belts is do not over tighten ever, no not even once.

A belt is tight enough, when you can not move an alternater pulley with your hands with belt adjusted. Over tightening a belt so you won't have to take up the normal strech as often. A mechanic who does not know better. This will lead to major bearing wear, at every point your belt rides over any bearing. That will cost big bucks. Ofcourse that can be prevented right now.

I take by belts off every 6 months and treat them with Sil-Glyde a silicone grease that can double the life of your belts and rubber parts. It has good instructions on the back of the tube, for how to treat drive belts.

I wonder how many of us realize just how important those drive belts really are. Huh? Well good luck & you can do it, because you now know a lot more about the drive belts & how to care for them, than a lot of Grease Monkeys who crank um down tight as a bunjee cord. Gate's makes very good belts & hoses when you need to replace them, made right here in NC.

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