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Deer Buster

We recently bought some land in PA (for a summer home) and we're about to break ground. Its a highly populated deer area. Being that a friend of mine just did major damage to his car by hitting a deer, I went out and bought one of the electronic deer signals. (I know its skeptical if they work, but its worth it in case it does). The one I bought works on a switch because some of the sounds are audible. My only question is, how do I get the wire from the battery to inside the car? I'm fine witht he connections from the unit to the battery, I just don't know how to route the wire inside the car and to the dash area. I have this feeling its really obvious and I'm just missing it. Thanx for any help. Having a deer whistle on my car when I live in NYC just seems wrong.
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Just look around on the firewall for where other wires are already going through and poke one through. You may even find a hole that's not being used that only has a plug in it.

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