Motor oil leaking on concrete driveway


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Motor oil leaking on concrete driveway

I just found out that my mini truck is leaking a slight amount of oil. How, you might ask? On my new concrete driveway, there are a few oil spots where only I have parked. What are your guys suggestions to get up the oil and not leave any stains.
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I have never try this, but a friend told me he sprays WD40 on oil spot and wipes right up.

Good luck
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There are various stain removers that you can get at Home Depot among other places.

Muratic Acid works well, but can etch the concrete if you are not careful. A little Gunk will lift it.

My neighbor uses some Comet to scrub it.
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I would worry about WD-40 leaving its own discoloration. I've read posts where people suggested wetting the spots with a light solvent then soaking it up with an absorbent. Mineral spirits may work, toluene or xylene solvents are probably better and they'll all clean up better than WD-40. Look in hardware stores or auto supply stores in the paint departments for these solvents. They're all very flammable so be careful.
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Automatic dishwashing detergent works wonders when mixed w/ hot water.
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i use brake clean and wipe it up

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